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Unique AR experiences.

We help you make the world more wonderful.

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About Wonderlayer

We create amazing

augmented reality experiences

WonderLayer is the content creation division of Tropos AR, the world's leading all-in-one AR SDK. Our AR content teams have created hundreds of AR experiences and are experts in user user experience and optimising for the AR medium.

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Full option AR experiences

Amazing AR doesn't just pop up out of nothing. Most of the work is in underlying technology driving your experience. A layer you don't see, but is critical do delivering amazing augmented reality. WanderLayer uses the Tropos AR SDK to deliver stunning AR.

Here's a few AR enhanced apps running our tech and delivering our magic.

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Wandel anders

Urban marketing re-imagined. Wanders lets you experience Belgian cities like never before, with dozens of amazing AR experiences along the way.

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The future of commerce

Worldline's Innovation & Experience centre in Paris France offers a glimpse into the future of retail. AR enhanced, of course.

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Family fun

Flanders' bi-yearly Harbour Day is back, and was celebrated with an AR enhanced mobile app that offered more than 80 AR experiences.

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Looking for an AR content creator that can deliver both the experience and the underlying technology? 

Today is your lucky day!


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